We use a commercial cold press juicer. This ensures our fruits and vegetables don’t heat up during the extraction process. And as a result there is no damage inflicted to the living nutrients within these foods. Cold pressed juices taste better too.

You receive a delicious juice which is not only packed with nutrients, but all of which have their inherent lifeforce intact.

Pressed Juice Detox Melbourne
Active Body Cleanse


We always buy our fruits and vegetables in small volumes on an as needs basis. Everyday – just after 9am – we purchase fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables from a local supplier. We only purchase what we need to complete that day’s orders.

You receive the juices later that same day. You receive the freshest possible juice made from the freshest possible ingredients and containing the most potent nutrients.


All of our products are made entirely from plants. They are free of gluten, added sugars, added sweeteners, gmos and artificial ingredients.


We pride ourselves on service. Should you wish to tailor a cleanse to suit your specific requirements simply email or call our Support Team and we’ll happily attempt to fulfill your request. Prefer to order over the phone, no problems just give us a call. Have a specific delivery or pickup request, again just let us know and we’ll attempt to satisfy your request.