I am Joe Antonino… a youthful middle aged Melbournian and am incredibly enthusiastic about health, nutrition and food. In 2015 I founded Juice Junction because I wanted to help fellow Melbournians to achieve optimum health.

About 20 years ago I changed my diet to consist of at least 80% raw plant based foods. Since then I have regularly detoxed on juice and other fasts for 3-10 day durations. I can honestly say I feel more physically energetic and mentally alert now than I did back then. On a physical note my waist size is smaller and my skin has a more vibrant glow.

My profound interest in the metabolic functioning of the human body has led me to read, listen and learn from many highly respected authorities. I have – in no uncertain terms – concluded that poor eating habits and lifestyle choices are the principal reasons people don’t have optimum health. I have also concluded that raw plant based foods are essential and unsurpassed in achieving optimum health.

The misconception that chronic disease is inevitable in one’s 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s infuriates me. As too does the health system’s continual focus on treating symptoms, rather than prevention of disease.

The human body really can perform miracles….you just need to help it, or more correctly stop preventing it from performing its inherent duty of optimising your health!

So, via Juice Junction, I now offer Melbournians a variety of convenient and affordable cleanse packages to assist with improving your health. Of course, everything is plant-based, but I’ve also drawn from my 25-year hospitality background to offer you products that taste great too.

I sincerely hope you achieve optimum health. And it would make me proud if I contributed in some way.

Best of health,