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Daily: 5,471kj (1,307cal), 36g protein, 39g fat, 250g carbs, 169g sugar, 54g fructose, 24g fibre

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Looking to cleanse and simultaneously maintain your physically active lifetsyle? This higher caloric cleanse provides an abundance of easily assimilable nutrients to keep you going all day long. You’ll not only feel lighter, but more energised as well.

Daily contents:

Item 1: Blush – 500ml cold pressed juice (pineapple, apple, cucumber, beetroot, celery, spinach)
beetroot boosts athletic performance and the anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple assist with recovery

Item 2: Rocket Fuel – 500ml smoothie (banana, organic blueberry, date, cashew, organic cacao, chia seed, organic spirulina, organic maca, organic matcha, filtered water)
banana, cacao and matcha combine to provide a sustained burst of energy. blueberry assists with recovery

Item 3: Green Earth – 500ml cold pressed juice (apple, cucumber, spinach, celery, cos, kale, lemon)
the abundance of nutrients in green leaves assist in improving blood quality and increase and restore vitality

Item 4: Berried Alive – 500ml smoothie (mixed berries, lemon, date, cashew, coconut, flaxseed, filtered water)
berries’ antioxidants assist with recovery as well as increasing good cholesterol and lowering blood pressure

Item 5: Zingy Carrot – 500ml cold pressed juice (carrot, lemon, ginger, turmeric)
carrots are abundant in energy and their antioxidants assist in maximising cardiovascular health and slowing down aging

Item 6: Chocoloate Mousse (date, avocado, chia seeds, organic cacao, organic maca, filtered water, himalayan salt)
avocado contains nutrients which help the body produce energy and normalise blood pressure

Item 7: Almond Mylk – 500ml cold pressed mylk (almond, date, vanilla, himalayan salt, filtered water)
almonds provide healthy monounsaturated fats as well as vitamin E which lowers inflammation

Daily nutrition information:

5,471kj (1,307cal), 36g protein, 39g fat, 250g carbs, 169g sugar, 54g fructose, 24g fibre

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4 reviews for ACTIVE BODY Cleanse

  1. Danish

    I like cold-pressed juic I use this juice to maintain my body & health

  2. Aisha

    Really tasty and healthy

  3. Tracy

    This cleanse was amazing. The inclusion of the almond milk in the evening was the perfect end to the day to satisfy the post dinner sugar craving. All juices were fresh and delicious and I found these juices of 500ml to be much more filling than other cleanses I have done which were only 350ml. Highly recommend this cleanse if you want to continue exercising while cleansing!

  4. Cecile G.

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