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Daily: 9,696kJ (2,317cal), 99g protein, 75g fat, 207g sugar, 62g fructose

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A high calorie and protein rich food plan providing you with an abundance of various easily assimilable nutrients. Cleanse your body on the inside and continue to shape your body on the outside by meeting your macro targets with unprocessed plant based foods.

Daily contents:

Item 1: Green Earth – 500ml cold pressed juice (apple, cucumber, spinach, celery, cos, kale, lemon)
the abundance of nutrients in green leaves assist in improving blood quality and increase and restore vitality

Item 2: Rocket Fuel – 500ml smoothie (banana, organic blueberry, date, cashew, organic cacao, chia seed, organic spirulina, organic maca, organic matcha, filtered water)
banana, cacao and matcha combine to provide a sustained burst of energy. blueberry assists with recovery

Item 3: Berried Alive – 500ml smoothie (mixed berries, lemon, date, cashew, coconut, flaxseed, filtered water)
berries’ antioxidants assist with recovery as well as increasing good cholesterol and lowering blood pressure

Item 4: 2 x Protein Blast – 500ml smoothie (peanut butter, dates, cannelini beans, non gmo pea protein, maca, cinnamon, himalayan salt, filtered water)
chock a block full of easily assimilable protein

Item 5: Roots ‘n’ All – 500ml cold pressed juice (carrot, celery, beetroot, sweet potato, lemon, ginger)
an abundance of nutrients which optimise vitality and decrease risk of debilitating illness

Item 6: Lentil Soup – 400g (lentil, buckwheat, onion, carrot, pea, corn, celery, pepper, thyme, paprika, cayenne, himalayan salt, filtered water)
low in fat and high in protein, this delicious fibre-rich and easily digestible hearty soup is the perfect dinner

Item 7: Chocolate Protein Ball – 32g
delicious snack to complete your day’s food intake

Daily nutrition information:

9.969kj (2,317cal), 99g protein, 75g fat, 363g carbs, 207g sugar, 62g fructose, 61g fibre

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  1. Hannah

    good product for health

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    good product for health

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