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“I loved the juices. Haven't felt this good in years. Can't wait to do my next cleanse”

Julie, Kew

“Works a treat. Enjoyed the juices and will going back.”

Chris, Mooroolbark

“Yummy food and excellent drinks all freshly made and super healthy.”

Trinity, Melbourne

“Excellent service, very professional & awesome recipes!”

Tom, Hawthorn

“Thoroughly enjoyed the cleanse. It was easy to follow and stress free. Feeling amazing afterwards, and will definitely be back.”

Toni, Donvale

“LOVE the almond mylk - so brilliantly yum....gee who needs cows milk when you can have almond mylk!!”

Treesje, Burwood

“Lost 3.5 kilos in the 2 days. Was easy to do and had plenty of energy. Will do 3 days next week.”

Oscar, Elwood

“I did my first 30 day juice fast when I was 19 and now I'm 63 years old. This is the best juice that I have ever bought. ☺”

Liz, Elsternwick

“LOVE the almond mylk - so brilliantly yum....gee who needs cows milk when you can have almond mylk!!”


Frequently Asked Questions

A juice cleanse is a detox diet that involves the exclusive consumption of fruit and vegetable juices for a certain period of time. Also referred to as juice fasting, juice cleansing is often used to detoxify or lose weight.
Juice cleansing enriches the body with an abundance of nutrients thereby making you feel energetic. It works in boosting overall health and the immune system.
The duration of a juice cleanse should be firstly dependant on your individual health goals and lifestyle. However, despite this, the longer you cleanse, the deeper your cleanse will be.
A well-planned juice cleanse offers several health benefits and can help you accomplish your health goals. Juice cleansing is certainly safe as you are essentially consuming mainly/just fruits and vegetables….the most nutritious foods for humans.
We offer a variety of juice cleanse programs and which is best for you will depend on your specific health condition and goals.
We don’t recommend juice cleansing for minors or when pregnant.
For the best cleansing experience, it is important to prepare the body and mind. Before you start, make lifestyle choices that assist the cleanse to go smoothly. For 1-3 days prior to your cleanse we suggest to reduce/refrain from meat, fish, dairy, deep fried foods, sweets and alcohol.
No, never forcibly consume any part of your juice cleanse program. In actual fact the less you consume, the deeper your cleanse! The only downside of not consuming all daily items is you may feel hungry, lethargic, or even experience cleansing ill effects due to a deeper cleanse. Listen to your body and if you feel you can’t stomach anything at any point then don’t consume anything. It’s always a good idea to drink ample water however.
After you complete your juice cleanse, choose whole plant based foods and avoid food with added preservatives and sugar.
Yes. If you choose cold-pressed juice, you must keep it refrigerated.
A juice cleanse can have side-effects on some people if not practised correctly. It is vital to choose a juice cleanse plan that is in line with your individual health needs. Any negative side effects that may manifest usually do so because toxins are being moved throughout the body in readiness for elimination. This is actually a positive thing for your long term health.

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