Organic Juice Cleanses in Melbourne

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  • all juices made to order – you receive the freshest possible product.

  • order online or call our office. 

  • cut off time for orders is 9am ( you can order days in advance)

  • pickup from Ringwood between 4-6pm. 

  • deliveries between 6-9pm (Melbourne metro only).

  • maximum 3 days juices delivered at a time.


We’ll help you choose by answering this 3 point questionnaire…

if the thought of “not eating at all” freaks you out, we recommend our

if you have a small to average appetite, we recommend one of our 2 STANDARD CLEANSES

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what our loyal customers say.

“I loved the juices. Haven't felt this good in years. Can't wait to do my next cleanse”

Julie, Kew

“Works a treat. Enjoyed the juices and will going back.”

Chris, Mooroolbark

“Yummy food and excellent drinks all freshly made and super healthy.”

Trinity, Melbourne

“Excellent service, very professional & awesome recipes!”

Tom, Hawthorn

“Thoroughly enjoyed the cleanse. It was easy to follow and stress free. Feeling amazing afterwards, and will definitely be back.”

Toni, Donvale

“LOVE the almond mylk - so brilliantly yum....gee who needs cows milk when you can have almond mylk!!”

Treesje, Burwood

“Lost 3.5 kilos in the 2 days. Was easy to do and had plenty of energy. Will do 3 days next week.”

Oscar, Elwood

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Why Psyllium Husk & Bentonite Clay?

The inclusion of psyllium husk (PH) and bentonite clay (BC) will assist and enhance your cleanse.

PH is the external covering of the psyllium seed. It’s indigestible, extremely high in fibre and has powerful absorbing qualities. When mixed with water it swells up to create a slippery gelatine like substance which softens your feces and enhances defecation. The result?….you’ll poo easier, and more often!

BC is aged volcanic ash. It’s inert meaning your body will ignore it and let it pass through. And it has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, which means it’ll bind itself to any roaming toxins (all positively charged) and preventing them from being reabsorbed!