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Daily: 3,186kj (761cal), 20g protein, 8g fat, 194g carbs, 140g sugar, 56g fructose, 10g fibre

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Product Description

Boost your immune system and help your body fight off illness causing pathogens and infection. The inclusion of naturally fermented items will help you prevent winter colds and the flu, as well as assist in keeping you healthy in general.

Daily contents:

Item 1: 2 x Elixir of Life – 250ml elixir (orange, apple cider vinegar, filtered water)
the anti-microbial properties of apple cider vinegar and vitamin C in oranges combine to boost immune defense

Item 2: 2 x Sauerkraut – 20g
kick-ass source of immune boosting probiotics and nutrients. assists in production of antibodies

Item 3: Rocket Fuel – 250ml smoothie (banana, organic blueberry, date, cashew, organic cacao, chia seed, organic spirulina, organic maca, organic matcha, filtered water)
antioxidants of blueberry, matcha, cacao and cashew enhance immune function

Item 4: Lemon Aid – 500ml cold pressed juice (apple, lemon, ginger, turmeric)
abundant vitamin C and antioxidants help to prevent disease and boost health and wellbeing

Item 5: Taming Broccoli – 500ml cold pressed juice (apple, broccoli, beetroot, lemon)
broccoli’s antioxidants help inhibit cell damage caused by free radicals

Item 6: Zingy Carrot – 500ml cold pressed juice (carrot, lemon, ginger, turmeric)
turmeric and ginger both contain exceptional nutrients to boost your immune system

Item 7: 2 x Sachets (psyllium husk, bentonite clay)
assist with preventing toxins from being reabsorbed into your body and also removing them from your bowel

Daily nutrition information:

3,186kj (761cal), 20g protein, 8g fat, 194g carbs, 140g sugar, 56g fructose, 10g fibre



Frequently Asked Questions

An Immunity juice cleanse is enriched with immune-boosting ingredients to help proliferate the good bacteria within the gut.
Vitamin C, fermented foods and fibre are all excellent for improving the immune system. Hence we include orange juice, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut in our Immunity juice cleanse.
Yes, cold pressed juices are loaded with nutrients in a highly assimilable form and thus improve not only the immune system but health in general.
Intake of Immunity Cleanse for a day has an intake of 761cal.
A few signs that indicate a weak immune system include, feeling tired all the time, frequent cold and infections, digestive system concerns and wounds that heal slowly.
This is a difficult question to answer. How long is a piece of string? Keep in mind the longer your cleanse is, the deeper your cleanse will be. We generally suggest 3 days as this hits a nice sweet spot between receiving health benefits and not inconveniencing your lifestyle.
Juices are available for pickup from our Ringwood premises between 4-6pm or otherwise delivered between 6-9pm. They are shipped in a reusable cooler box.
Food rich in nutrients helps in strengthening the immune system and defending and enabling the body to fight off microorganisms and infections. If you are sick, you can intervene by boosting your immune system and helping your body fight the infection.
Immune boosters include foods that enable you to stay healthy by fighting off viruses and bacteria. Certain food and supplements help in strengthening the body and enhancing its ability to protect against harmful pathogens. Foods rich in Vitamin C are a huge immune booster.
If you are looking for a healthy way to boost your immune system, you can consider adding citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, green tea and kiwi fruit. Fruits and vegetables in an array of colours offer the best mix of nutrients.

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4 reviews for IMMUNITY Cleanse

  1. Grace

    Best products in the market natural & organic!

  2. Isla

    Great taste and definitely very healthy and awesome packaging

  3. Leigh

    I and my wife both do juice cleansing every month we both love Juice Junction products so much. After doing juices cleansing you feel light, healthy, and full of energy. The juices are yummy and healthy. Highly recommend!

  4. David

    This was my first cleanse experience and I found it very easy to follow and I felt great after completing my cleanse. Highly recommended.

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